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Jul 2, 2015

Tech Open Government also overpriced.

The solution selling overpriced government under the leadership of General Prayut Chan-O-Cha Prime Minister that at first it seems. Nothing is smooth, polished, polished stick indeed.

I hope people are not consuming lottery. The Government of No sales price exceeds If you have a problem using the arbitrariness of military conducive to solving it.

From D-Day to solve this problem. Customers are "core government" there. I agree that Can be purchased at the price of 80 baht in the first period really.

But this period has started to adjust prices moved up again among customers not yet JL. The Lottery retail trade group, known, easy to ride a bicycle on behalf of the seller. The place itself

On the retail front by each of them. Will cost 80 baht but clearly enough to actually sell to retail traders in technical talks with buyers in that way.

"This period was a lot more affordable prices begin to move into the lucrative three baht, but if the number is set, it may be profitable to 5 baht if it is highly sympathetic to trade the car a little bit like it."

Some claim that I like it because 85 baht to get from the station to twenty minutes.

Some people argue that this number is set to pump a little more expensive then we had it.

Many customers were also generous to those who ride bicycles retail sales. Or sit in the sun for airing somewhat. The sale price is 80 baht, it would be impossible, at least 85 baht or less have some more even.

There is one thing The sale of lotteries in the Srinakarin said. To get them in the first period was enough to sell because people flock to buy a lot, but my father came to pick up the second installment seems. The group that received from the Government of lottery sales, said the price rise would not come for another few minutes.

On this point, the group of retail stores lottery. You have to ask or travel costs or wages. What is extra special Customers who bought a lottery fried one.

This is the starting point for the government over the price up. Although the request for the extra money to customers who buy the lottery directly. Even if it is willing to give them money. But if left long believed. And a chronic inability to solve the lottery than price.

GLO should be monitored. And take care of the details, although it is a small point. Should be fixed from the beginning believed. To prevent the sale of government price controls which the government itself is not enough.

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