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Jul 2, 2015

Who had written, "I want to go home," Liu Wei cause remains back to Hsinchu

Eight Immortals dust explosion accidents suffered 99 percent burns and serious injuries caused suffering Liu Wei at 5:40 today, death, Taichung Veterans General Hospital at 5:41 declare their dead, after prosecutors with experience, Liu Wei cause remains have been sent Hsinchu funeral home, Liu Mu stroking son remains in the car, light shouted: "cause reed, on the bus" scene is Bisuan.

Liu Wei's brother caused Liuzhi You said that although his brother seriously injured burns, but the medical procedures have consciousness, they from time to time at the bedside of the audio file playback Jolin, read Jason Wu card for cheer, brother to let the family rest assured that there waving schematically heard a few days ago also enables the force to hold a pen to write, "I want to go home," the words.

Liuzhi You said that his brother during a medical procedure amazingly willpower, strong and courageous, but no one expected the condition worsened yesterday, "I think my brother did not want to let the family worry that the choice made." Family reluctantly forced to send him away.

Liuzhi You thank the medical team to assist with all concerned, "but this must give the victims justice."

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