Jun 26, 2018

Richard Harrison, famous for the 'Pawn Stars' show, passed away at 77

History Channel confirmed the death of Richard Harrison, known for participating in the "Price of History" program. The production of “The Price of History ", program of History Channel, is dismayed after knowing the death at 77 years of Richard Benjamin Harrison , popularly known as the 'Old'.

"We will remember him for being an extraordinary father, grandfather and great grandfather that our family could have, his fans will remember him for being grumpy and sarcastic, also for being the voice of reason in the program", you can read in the post dedicated to Richard Harrison.
Richard Harrison, the father of the family in the price of history program, died this morning at age 77. According to the TMZ site, the news was confirmed by his son Rick Harrison.
"The old man [as the show nicknamed him] died surrounded by his loved ones. His family, the team of the price of history and his fans, will always miss him a lot. He was my hero and I was lucky to have an 'old man' as great as my father, "said Rick.
In the farewell message, Harrison added that his father lived "a full life and, through the television program, has come to the lives of many people with his lessons on the importance of love for your family, hard work and the humor".

The causes of his death are still unknown.

  • The news has transpired thanks to a post posted on the official Facebook account of the Gold & Silver Pawn store, which you can see below, which does not detail the causes of a death that comes preceded by not a few rumors about the delicate health status of "El Viejo" and a progressive decrease in his appearances on the television show.

Rick said sadly when he was interviewed by Fox News. "He is my hero. I'm really lucky to have such a cool "Old Man" as my father. I am very grateful to be able to experience so many things with him and let everyone see how great he is to love family. Rick also expressed his deep gratitude to everyone and said that he hopes that the outside world can help himself and his family. Keep some privacy.

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