Jun 26, 2018

Reasons of Portugal suffering against Iran: World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018

Portugal only drew 1-1 with Iran on Monday (25), advanced to second place in Group B and will play Uruguay in the next round of the World Cup. Quaresma opened the scoring, but Cristiano Ronaldo lost a penalty and saw Ansarifard tie in the final minutes

Here are some reasons of match tie while Portugal was leading:

They did not let Cristiano Ronaldo sleep

The Iranian crowd gathered around the hotel in Portugal and tried to spoil the sleep of Cristiano Ronaldo, who went to the bedroom window and gestured for silence, but could not shut them up.

The reunion with Carlos Queiroz

Former coach of Portugal, Portuguese Carlos Queiroz became angry when the opposing team had a penalty marked with the support of the video referee and even played the blazer up high.

Mordovia Arena

The criticized João Mario

In social networks, Portuguese fans wrote that Joao Mario seemed to be playing with bricks attached to his feet. In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo and Quaresma, was the only Portuguese who had the chance to score, but isolated the ball in the 8 minutes and missed a dribble of the rear.

The game of the third and final round of the World Cup group stage was hallucinatory for Portugal and Iran. Both teams had chances to advance to the octaves and the Iranians gave work to Cristiano Ronaldo and team, who finished in spite of the draw in 1 to 1 . Despite kicking the goal more, the Portuguese were not efficient, unlike the opponent.

Coach Santos told his players in an interview that they are facing a hard test and stressed that this is not a match between Ronaldo and Iran. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored all four goals from Portugal in the past two group matches, completed a hat trick in a 3 to 3 draw with Spain, and scored a winning goal in a 1-0 win over Morocco. Real Madrid's leading scorer is in a very good state. The outside world thinks that the Iranian game led by Portugal and Queiroz will depend entirely on Ronaldo's play, but Santos does not accept this statement.
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